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How Individuals and Organisations Can Get Benefit From Group Coaching?
Group Coaching

How Individuals and Organisations Can Get Benefit From Group Coaching?

Ekipa and Manulife Indonesia had just provided offline group coaching with the theme “Elevate your coaching skills” on Friday, 14 April 2023. 

The event’s goal is to give participants the experience of group coaching to overcome their challenges, reflect on their performance and interactions, and learn how to influence continuous improvement and performance. 

Coaches from Ekipa and Manulife Indonesia accompanied the participants. From Manulife Indonesia, there was Joerg Sauer, Coach and Head of Information Technology. And from Ekipa Agile Consultancy, there were three agile coaches. They were Ardiansyah Muchtar, Veno Ariesaputra, and Krisna Putrianti. 

What Does Group Coaching Look Like? 

Group coaching is a relatively new approach many companies are exploring as part of their employee development & training programs.  This coaching session with Joerg and Ekipa agile coaches was conducted in a group coaching format based on the framework or values of the ICF (International Coach Federation). 

What is the difference between group coaching and agile coaching? In group coaching using the ICF framework, the position between coaches and coachees is the same. They’re like a partner.

In the coaching process, the coach will trigger the coachee with questions. There was no intervention or interruption from the coach. Different from agile coaching, in agile coaching, there is a mix between mentoring, coaching, and consulting. 

Joerg explained ICF frameworks in group coaching at the beginning of this group coaching. After all, participants had the same understanding and were divided into breakout groups. There were six participants in each group. 

During the session, each participant was given 10 minutes to answer questions, and the others were only allowed to listen without giving any input or response. The background of the participant is various. Participants were from different departments and divisions of the company, including HR, the product owner, the product manager, and the change management lead.

The session started with setting clear goals, specific issues to be discussed, potential and advantages, and available options. Participants listened intently to the goals and issues presented by each other. They learned that every transformation has its unique challenges and solutions.

For instance, in a bank, a Scrum Master might face the challenge of limited human resources and a resistant leader. By listening to each other, the participants gained insight into the uniqueness of each transformation and the importance of management support in the process.

After completing the initial agenda, the participants discussed the issues more deeply. This part of the session was supposed to last only one hour, but the participants were so eager to share their perspectives and brainstorm with each other that the discussion continued beyond the allocated time.

One exciting aspect of the session was the HR representative, who expressed eagerness to receive agile coaching. Previously, the HR representative had been a director but was now a VP of HR in a new company. The HR representative’s commitment to coaching came from the top down. The representative believed every transformation needed top-level commitment, and collaboration was essential in change management.

Inadequate change management planning could make it difficult to adapt. Change management is usually a specific function or division; the change agent is usually selected from the top. It is usually planned first and then executed. The HR representative explained that people from the business side usually do business process improvement.

The participants were given a self-commitment at each session, which included identifying issues, options, and commitments. The difference between group coaching and other types, such as individual or team coaching, is that group coaching is more impactful and meaningful. Participants learn from each other’s experiences and gain insight into how every person faces similar issues, despite technical differences.

What Are The Benefits of Group Coaching for Individuals and Organisations? 

The benefits of the session were twofold. First, participants benefited psychologically by becoming more confident in tackling the issues faced by their company, knowing that others shared these issues. They also learned how to fight for their cause and seek support from management. 

Second, the company benefited from the session by gaining a more proactive and adaptive workforce. However, companies resistant to change may find implementing the lessons learned from the session challenging.

The participants responded positively to the coaching session, with an average happiness level of 8 out of 10. The participants showed great enthusiasm and were very honest in their feedback. 

Overall, the coaching session with Joerg and Ekipa Agile Coaches was a unique and impactful experience for the participants. The use of coaching cards as triggers that Coach Ardiansyah used during the session was also helpful. 

Moreover, the session was a learning experience for the participants and for Ardiansyah as a coach. He found that group coaching was impactful, meaningful, and different from other types of coaching, such as individual or team coaching. Group coaching allowed participants to learn from each other’s experiences and gain insight into similar issues, despite technical differences. 

Do You Want To Experience Group Coaching?

In addition, the coaching session highlighted the importance of follow-up and community building. The participants suggested that a follow-up session in the form of a community should be maintained to ensure that the lessons learned from the session were not forgotten. The community would also allow participants to connect, share their experiences, and discuss issues related to their transformations.

Overall, the coaching session with Joerg and Ekipa Agile Coaches was a valuable experience for the participants and the company. It provided a platform for employees to learn from each other, gain insight, and build partnerships. 

It also showed that change management is crucial for successful transformation and that top-level commitment is essential. Finally, the session highlighted the importance of clear planning, guidance, and follow-up to ensure that the lessons learned are implemented effectively.

Are you interested in experiencing group coaching? Ekipa will help you to hold group coaching in your organisation or company. Or even better, if your organisation is willing to start the transformation, Ekipa will assist you through agile coaching.

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