Agile For HR Training

This Agile for HR Training is for HR professionals, people managers, Agile coaches, those tasked with organisational transformation and those interested in the important people operations aspect of creating Agile organisations.

Agile transformation is so much more than the adoption of new processes, tools or practices. At its core, Agile is a people transformation. Unleashing the power of people and teams to drive creativity, innovation, customer centricity and adaptability.The way we view the workplace, employees, motivation, compensation and developing talent is changing fast. This agile training course explores the importance of HR in creating the culture of the Agile organisations of the future.

Course Duration

2 days (f2f) / 4 half days live online sessions


Agile for HR Training Format

Instructor-led, face to face, (or interactive online) with facilitation of content, discussions and case study exercises

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand differences between traditional organisations and adaptive organisations
  • The traditional role of HR vs the re-defined role of People Operations in an Agile organisation
  • Designing for new ways of working
  • Roles and career paths in a new light
  • Learning culture and the Agile growth mindset
  • Developing future Agile leaders
  • Recruiting and on-boarding for the right fit
  • Enabling effective performance for knowledge enterprises
  • Engaging intrinsic motivators
  • Applying Agile practices to HR operations and initiatives
  • The People Operations function as an enabler of the Agile mindset in the enterprise

Intended Audience

  • Leaders transitioning their people operations to Agile practices
  • HR professionals developing their Agile knowledge and skills
  • Those looking for guidance to align talent management to enable Agile organisations

Entry Requirements

Agile Fundamentals (recommended)

Optimum Class Size

12 to 24 participants