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Innovation Coaching

Innovation Coaching

Inspire innovation with our specialised coaching to unlock creativity, drive successful initiatives, and foster a culture of innovation with agile and lean practices.

What is Innovation Coaching

Innovation Coaching is a specialised coaching approach that focuses on guiding and supporting teams and organisations in the fostering of a culture of innovation and driving successful innovation initiatives. A coach enables the unlocking of creativity, inspiring new ideas, and facilitating the implementation of these with agile and lean practices and mindsets.

Role of an Innovation Coach

An Innovation coach focuses on the advancement of the team they are coaching in the effective use of innovation frameworks and practices – such as design thinking, design sprints, agile and lean startup by training, facilitating, and coaching the team to use these Innovation practices and mindsets.

Benefits of an Innovation Coach

  • Accelerated Time-to-Market: An Innovation Coach helps speed up the process of bringing new products and services to the market, reducing time-to-market and gaining a competitive edge.
  • Adoption of New Behaviors and Practices: The coach assists teams in adopting and sustaining new behaviors and practices that are essential for successful radical innovation, overcoming organisational constraints.
  • Successful Radical Innovation: By working with the coach, organisations can effectively drive and achieve radical innovation, leading to groundbreaking and transformative outcomes.

Innovation Coaches are best for

The ultimate goal of an Innovation coach is to facilitate and drive successful innovation within individuals, teams, and organisations.