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Experiencing The Agile Mindset​
Experiencing the Agile Mindset provides a highly interactive, experiential approach to understanding organisational, team, and personal agility. In this program, attendees will gain an understanding of agile values and principles, and how they can apply the concepts in their own work environment, to support their agile team and their organisation’s agile transformation. Through engaging activities and simulations, the benefits of collaboration, iterative workflow and self-organized teams are experienced. The program concludes with a learning retrospective and identifies action items that the attendees can immediately put into practice in the workplace.

Course Duration

1 day (on-site) / 2 half days live online sessions

Training Format

Instructor-led, face to face, (or interactive online) with facilitation of content, discussions and case study exercises

Learning Outcomes

  • Define personal and organisational agility
  • Understand historical influences
  • Understand and apply agile values and principles
  • Understand the benefits of individual and organisational agility
  • High-level understanding of agile frameworks, including Scrum and Kanban

Intended Audience

  • Team members adopting agile practices in the future
  • Managers of agile teams
  • Anyone else in the organisation who will interact with, or support agile teams

Entry Requirements


Optimum Class Size

12 to 24 participants