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Agile & Scrum Applied
This entry-level agile scrum training program introduces Agile principles and practices, as they apply to product development, in an interactive, highly experiential format. It will enable you to understand and realise the benefits of adopting the popular Scrum framework for developing digital products, including, but not limited to software applications.

Course Duration

2 days (on-site) / 6x online sessions of 2 hours

Training Format

Instructor-led, face to face, (or interactive online) with facilitation of content, discussions and case study exercises

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Agile principles and the practices of popular Agile frameworks
  • Identify the benefits of adopting an Agile framework compared with a traditional (Waterfall) methodology
  • An awareness of the challenges of using Agile frameworks
  • Understand various methods of creating a product vision
  • Develop a product backlog and product roadmap
  • Identify, prioritise and elaborate user stories from the product backlog items
  • Apply relative and absolute estimating techniques
  • Create a release plan and a burn-down chart for the product
  • Understand the roles of Scrum: Product Owner, Scrum Master and Team members
  • Perform Scrum ceremonies including Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-Up, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective

Intended Audience

Agile team members

  • Team leaders (Scrum Masters)
  • Product Owners and Product Managers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Other Stakeholders

Entry Requirements


Optimum Class Size

12 to 24 participants (can be less based on client requirements)