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Diverse Range of Corporate Training Programmes

Our courses focus on instilling agility within organisations. Through interactive experiences and practical insights, participants immerse themselves in agile values, iterative workflows, and team dynamics, fostering adaptability, innovation, and continuous improvement. Ekipa’s programmes are designed to empower teams to embrace agility, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable success in today’s dynamic business landscape.
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business agility foundation

Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF) Certification Training

Our Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF) ICAgile accredited course explores the mindset, approach and skills required in today’s environment where change is constant, disruption is expected and teams are required to respond quickly and deliver fast and effectively.
agile & scrum - agile and scrum training

Agile & Scrum Applied

An entry-level, interactive training introducing Agile principles and the Scrum framework for product development. Realise the benefits of Scrum in developing digital products, including software applications.
Agile Kanban Training

Agile & Kanban Applied

An entry-level, interactive programme introducing Agile principles and practices applicable to operational work. Explore iterative vs continuous methods, and discover the advantages of adopting the Kanban framework for visualising, managing, and improving processes in your organisation.
agile mindset training

Experiencing The Agile Mindset​

Interactive programme for organisational, team, and personal agility. Apply agile values in your work environment, experience collaboration, iterative workflows, and self-organised teams.
product ownership training program

Product Ownership

Our programme guides you through the agile product lifecycle. From inception to evidence-based decision-making, equip yourself with tools for successful digital product development and enhancement.
agile leadership

Agile Leadership

Unleash organisational change with visionary leadership. Join our programme for a compelling roadmap to enterprise agility, guiding your transformative journey.
Agile Fundamentals Training

Agile Fundamentals – ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP)

Embark on your Agile journey with a focus on mindset and foundational concepts. Gain a solid understanding of adaptive planning, value-driven development, and team collaboration for continuous improvement.
Agile HR Training - Agile Training for HR

Agile For HR – ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP-AHR)

Transform your organisation's HR through Agile practice by elevating your skills and drive innovation, adaptability, and customer-centricity.