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Agile Leadership Training

Organisational change requires leadership commitment and support for it to be successful. The change needs a clear vision, driven by a compelling story, guided via a roadmap, and driven towards tangible objectives by the sponsors and champions.

This agile leadership training program is designed for organisational leadership to understand what enterprise agility is, and why it is gaining popularity as the enterprise architecture of the future. The program is intended as a first engagement for any organisation wishing to adopt agile ways of working and partner with us in their transformation journey.

Course Duration

  • 1 day (on-site) / 3x online sessions of 2 hours

Agile Leadership Training Format

  • Instructor-led, face to face, (or interactive online) with facilitation of content, discussions and case study exercises

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what is Enterprise Agility and Agile Ways of Working
  • Gain insights into why agile methods are the most effective for knowledge work
  • Understand the benefits and challenges of implementing agile frameworks and practices
  • Understand ways to measure the effectiveness of agile adoption
  • Knowledge of the main agile frameworks and types of work they can be applied to

Intended Audience

  • Organisational Leadership
  • Functional Leaders
  • Portfolio Managers / PMO Leaders
  • Members of the Transformation Team
  • Other Stakeholders

Entry Requirements

  • None

Optimum Class Size

  • 8 to 16 participants